Academic CV

2016 – present  Associate Professor of Classics                  University of Texas at Austin

2009-2016: Assistant Professor of Classics University of Texas at Austin                                    


2009: Ph.D., Classics                                                                           Yale University

2001: B.A. (magna cum laude), Greek and Latin                             Tel-Aviv University


Co-PI (with P. Chaudhuri), “Paths to a More Inclusive Classics Ph.D,” funded by the Vice-Provost Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, UT-Austin. 2020-2021. 


LivyTrends in Classical Scholarship, de Gruyter. Under Contract. (in progress).

Livy and the Poetics of Citation. Cambridge University Press. Under contract. (in progress).

You Win or You Die: The Ancient World of Game of Thrones. I. B. Tauris, 2017. 

Reviews: Potts, R. The Times Literary Supplement. (8/1/2017).

Magistracy and the Historiography of the Roman Republic: Politics in Prose. Cambridge University Press, 2015. 

Reviews: Frolov, R. Latomus 76 (2018): 1120-3; Smith, C. Gnomon 89 (2017): 340-43; Feldherr, A. CW 109 (2016): 268-269; Drogula, F. American Journal of Philology 137 (2016): 545-49; Walter, U. (2016) Histos 10: xxiii–xxviii. 

Reception and the Classics: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Classical Tradition (co-edited with Brockliss, W., P. Chaudhuri, and K. Wasdin). Yale Classical Studies 36; Cambridge University Press, 2012.  Paperback ed. 2016. 

Reviews: Hooley, D. BMCR, 2012.04.24; Claassen, J. Classical Journal 2013.07.03; Henderson, J. Classical Review63 (2013): 607-10.  

Articles (* indicates peer-reviewed publications)

“Not cricket, not classics? A case study in the limits of reception”, Classical Receptions Journal, 2021;*

Imperium sine fine: The Future of Rome in Augustan Epic.’ In: Berthelot, K. and J. Price (eds.), The Future of Rome: Roman, Greek, Jewish and Christian Perspectives. Cambridge University Press 2020: 47-63.* 

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‘Citation, Spoliation, and the Appropriation of the Past in Livy’s AUC.’ In: Loar, M., C. MacDonald, and D. Padilla (eds.), Rome, Empire of Plunder: The Dynamics of Cultural Appropriation. Cambridge University Press, 2018: 30-46.* 

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‘Citation and the Dynamics of Tradition in Livy’s AUC.’ Histos 7 (2013): 21-47. An earlier version appeared in Histos 5 Working Papers 2011.04. 

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‘Intertextuality and Source Criticism in the Scipionic Trials.’ In: W. Polleichtner (ed.) Livy and Intertextuality. Trier, 2010: 93-133.

Encyclopedia Entries

R. Bagnall, K. Brodersen, C. Champion, A. Erskine, and S. Huebner (eds.) Encyclopedia of Ancient History. Blackwell-Wiley, 2012: ‘Cornelius Scipio Africanus, P. (RE 343),’ ‘Fasti of Magistrates,’ ‘Imperium’ (entry updated 2018).


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C. J. Smith, The Roman Clan: The Gens from Ancient Ideology to Modern Anthropology. Cambridge, 2006. BMCR 2006.11.06.


By Invitation

“Classics and Game of Thrones: Hows and Whys.” Tulane Classics Club, Tulane University (by Zoom), March 2021; TSJCL State Convention, April 2021.  

“Troubling the Scorer: Livy and the Poetics of Accuracy.” Relevant Classics Seminar, Swansea University, Swansea (by Zoom), November 2020. 

Game of Thrones and the Sublime.” Keynote Speaker: Game of Thrones: Views from the Humanities, Seville, May 2019. 

‘Livy in the Age of Information.’ University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, March 2019. 

‘Livy and the Politics of Citation.’ Yale University, April 2018. 

‘How to Find Antiquity in Game of Thrones?’ RESEARCH+PIZZA series, UT Libraries, UT-Austin, February 2018. 

Tria Corda: Ennius and the Place of Epic in Roman Historiography.’ Ennius, Poetry, and Historiography Conference, Penn, Philadelphia, November 2016. 

‘Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics: Truth, Citation, and Numbers in Livy.’ University of California – Davis, October 2014; Florida State University, Tallahassee, February 2015. 

‘Voting Under Fire: Livy on Choosing Leaders and Fighting Wars.’ Amherst College, April 2014.   

‘Preparing for the Job Market.’ CAMWS Annual Meeting, Waco, April 2014. 

‘Narratives of Magistracy in Republican Rome.’ University of Texas at Austin, September 2013.

‘Elections and Exemplarity in Livy.’ Johns Hopkins University, November 2012. 

‘Citation and the Dynamics of Tradition.’ Allusion and Intertextuality in Classical Historiography Seminar (organized by J. Marincola), APA Annual Meeting, San Antonio, January 2011. 

‘Citation and Intertext: Livy and his Sources in the Trials of the Scipios.’ Livy and Intertextuality conference, University of Texas at Austin, October 2009. 

In loco parentis: Familial Hierarchies and Political Office in Republican Rome.’ University of Texas at Austin, February 2009.

By Refereed Abstract 

‘Politicizing Citation: Livy’s Cossus Digression and Augustan Literary Culture.’ SCS Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., January 2020 (read in absentia). 

‘Classical Literature and Contemporary Classics.’ Authority in Creating Contemporary Narratives about the Classics, Newcastle, February 2019. 

‘Broad Classics: Damnatio Memoriae on the Global Stage.’ Classics And/As World Literature, King’s College London, June 2016. 

‘Introduction.’ Fragments between Theory and Practice, SCS Annual Meeting, San Francisco, January 2016. 

‘Introduction.’ A New Approach to Fragments and Fragmentary Survival, SCS Annual Meeting, San Francisco, January 2016.

‘Reception Without the Classics? The Case of Cricket.’ Classical Association Annual Meeting, April 2015. 

‘Death by a Thousand Fragments: Biographical Fragmentation and Authorial Inventio in Livy’s AUC.’ International Plutarch Society Panel, SCS Annual Meeting, New Orleans, January 2015. 

‘Beyond Disgust: the Politics of Fastidium in Livy’s AUC.’ Disgust in Greek and Roman Literature, History and Art. CelticConference in Classics, Edinburgh, June 2014. 

‘Private Knowledge and Public Image in Roman Elections: The Case of the Pro Murena.’ Fragments of the Roman Orators Colloquium. People, politics and res publica: strategy and ideology in Republican Rome, University College London, April 2014.

‘Citation, Spoliation, and the Appropriation of the Past in Livy’s AUC.’ Cargo Culture: Material and Literary Appropriative Practice in Rome, Stanford University, March 2014. 

‘Introduction.’ Truth-Value and the Value of Truth in Roman Historiography. APA Annual Meeting, Seattle, January 2013.

‘The Knights of Summer: Epic and Romance in Vergil’s Aeneid and G. R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire.’ PAMLA Annual Meeting, Seattle, October 2012; APA Annual Meeting, Seattle, January 2013 (by invitation, revised and extended).

‘Kinship and Command: Aspects of Paternity in the imperia Manliana.’ APA Annual Meeting, Anaheim, January 2010 (read in absentia).

‘Constitutional Debate in Republican Rome and the Elections of 184 B.C.’ APA Annual Meeting, Chicago, January 2008. 

‘Magistracy, Law, and the People in Republican Rome.’ CAAS Centennial Meeting, Washington D.C, October 2007. 

‘Constructing Continuity: Africanus between Hannibal and Antiochus.’ CANE Annual Meeting, Durham, March 2007. 

‘The Arch of Scipio Africanus: A Re-interpretation.’ APA Annual Meeting, San Diego, January 2007. 

Colloquia and Seminars

‘Populist Historiography in Livy.’ The Late RepublicPopulism(s), Power Structures, and Interpretative Frameworks, a Zoom Flash Conference organized by Liv Yarrow and Carlos Norena, May 2-4, 2020.

‘Livy and the Poetics of Citation.’ Humanities Institute Faculty Fellows Symposium, UT-Austin, February 2020. 

‘Livy’s SourceWork and the Trials of the Scipios’. Guest appearance, Livy Graduate Seminar, FSU Spring 2018 (instructor: J. Clark). 

‘The Trojan Hamantash’ Debater, Inaugural The Great(est) Latke v. Hamantash Debate, Texas Hillel, February 2018. 

‘Notes on Writing: How to Start.’ Dissertation Writing Workshop, Department of Classics, University of Texas at Austin. Published electronically on Sept. 25th, 2015 at The Library of Antiquity:   

‘At the Bat: Close Readings Near and Far.’ First-Year Graduate Pro-Seminar in Classics (Latin Literature), University of Texas at Austin, November 2014. 

‘The Rhetoric of Citation: An Ancient Perspective.’ Leslie Center for the Humanities, Dartmouth College, April 2013. 

Freshman Reading Round-Up, Game of Thrones, 2013, 2014. 

‘Approaches to Roman Studies.’ First-Year Graduate Pro-seminar in Classics (Latin Literature and Roman History), University of Texas at Austin, October 2011.

Dulcis et Utile: The Ph.D. Reading List and the Classical Cannon.’ First-Year Graduate Pro-seminar in Classics (Latin Literature), University of Texas at Austin, November 2009.

‘Getting Rid of Africanus, or, Closural Anxiety in the Scipionic Trials.’ Work-in-Progress seminar, University of Texas at Austin, February 2009.  

‘Solon’s Reforms (Ath. Pol. 5-13) and Aristotle’s Ideal of the Mixed Constitution.’ Greco-Roman Lunch series, Yale University, March 2004.

‘Watching Daphnis: Frustration of Viewing in Idylls 1 and 6.’ Theocritus the Syracusan Colloquium, Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington D.C., May 2003. 



Classics Everywhere Award, Spring-Summer 2020 ($1500)

Loeb Classical Library Foundation Fellowship, 2016-17 ($35,000)

Margo Tytus Visiting Research Fellow, University of Cincinnati, 2015 (declined). 

Visiting Fellow, Leslie Center for the Humanities, Dartmouth College, 2012-13 (non-stipendiary).


Actions that Transform Community (ACT) Seed Grant, UT-Austin, 2020-21. ($4500)

College Research Fellowship, University of Texas at Austin, 2020-21.

Faculty Investment Initiative II (2018-21) ($22,500) 

Academic Enrichment Award, UT-Austin, 2016. 

George P. Macatee III Centennial Lectureship Fund, Graduate School, UT-Austin, 2015. 

Course Development Grant, Thomas Jefferson for the Study of Core Texts and Ideas, UT-Austin, 2014. 

Special Research Grant, Office of the Vice-Provost, UT-Austin, 2014, 2016.   

George P. Macatee III Centennial Lectureship Fund, UT-Austin, 2013, 2015.  

College Research Fellowship, University of Texas at Austin, 2012-13.

Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program, University of Texas at Austin, 2011-12. 

Summer Research Award, University of Texas at Austin, 2011. 

Faculty Fellowship in Classics, University of Texas at Austin, 2010-11. 

Ben and Rachel Vaughan Faculty Fellowship, UT-Austin, 2009-10, 2017-8. 


Ph.D. Dissertation (director):

E. Adams, ‘Wordplay and Gender in Latin Literature.’ University of Texas at Austin. Expected 2020.

C. McCormack, ‘Animals and Popular Science in Classical Literature.’ University of Texas at Austin. Defended: 08/2020. Employment: Visiting Lecturer, University of Alabama (3-year position). 

C. W. Oughton, ‘Opsis and Exemplarity in the Hannibalic War: Narrators, Intertext, and Tradition in Polybius and Livy.’ University of Texas at Austin. Defended: 05/2016. Employment: Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University.

Ph.D. Dissertation (committee member):

D. Welch, ‘Caesar’s Commentaries and Generic Expectations in Latin Literature.’ University of Texas at Austin. Expected 2022. (Director: A. Riggsby).

M. Monk, ‘Claudian’s Poetics of Revision in his Political Poems.’ Expected 2022. (Director: J. Ebbeler).

R. Kahane, ‘TBD’ University of Texas at Austin. Expected 2021. (Director: T. Hubbard).

N. Katz, ‘The Emperor is Dead. Long Live the Emperor! Interregna from 41-193 CE.’ University of Texas at Austin. Expected 2022. (Director: A. Riggsby). 

T. J. Bolt. ‘Statius and the Hyperbolic Aesthetic’. University of Texas at Austin. Defended 8/2019. (Director: P. Chaudhuri)

M. Clark, ‘Working the Land: Locating Farming in the Roman World.’ University of Texas at Austin. Defended 7/2019. (Director: A. Riggsby)

A. Pittard, ‘In the Eye of the Beholder: Audience Reaction to Gender Performance in Ancient Rome.’ University of Texas at Austin. Defended 5/2018. (Director: A. Riggsby)

L. Takakjy, ‘Foedera Naturae in Lucretius.’, University of Texas at Austin. Defended: 3/2018. (Director: L. Dean-Jones)

K. Sanders, ‘Pindar and the Enigmatic Tradition.’ University of Texas at Austin. Defended: 11/2017. (Director: T. Hubbard)

P. Hay, ‘Time, Saecularity, and the 1st Century BC Roman World.’ University of Texas at Austin. Defended: 03/2017.  (Director: A. Riggsby)

L. B. Rich, ‘Ridicule in Ancient Rome.’ University of Texas at Austin. Defended: 12/2015. (Director: A. Riggsby)

S. J. Lundy, ‘Language, Nature, and the Politics of Varro’s De Lingua Latina.’ University of Texas at Austin. Defended: 06/2013. (Director: A. Riggsby)

MA Thesis (director): 

G. Gibson, ‘Pregnancy and Performance at Rome.’ 2019.

J. Millar, ‘Pliny and Paleoclimatology: Towards an Archaeology of Roman Climate Awareness’. 2018. 

T. Montgomery, ‘Dating and Duality: Plautus’ Amphitruo in the Historical Context.’ 2016. 

MA Thesis (second reader): 

V. Leh, ‘Usu Venisse Hoc: Unity and Purpose of Rhetoric in the Bellum Africum.’ 2016. (Director: A. Riggsby)

M. J. Sibley, ‘The Figure of the Successful Freedman in Roman Society: A New Approach’. 2013-14. (Director: K. Galinski)



Leader, 40 Hours for the Forty Acres crowdsourcing campaign, Sept 2020: $7836 raised (156% of goal). 

Leader, HornRaiser crowdsourcing campaign, Sept 2019: $11,200 raised (225% of goal)  


Editorial Board Member, Classical Journal. 07/2020-12/22. 

Social media editor, Department of Classics, UT-Austin: editorial oversight of social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Medium, Facebook), content creation, editing, project management. 2017-2020. 

Associate Editor and Monthly Columnist, SCS BlogA Day in the Life of A Classicist. 2018- 2020. 


Panel Organizer, New Approaches to Fragments and Fragmentary Survival. SCS Annual Meeting, San Francisco, 2016. 

Panel Organizer, Fragments from Theory to Practice. SCS Annual Meeting, San Francisco, 2016.

Presider, Ancient Receptions of Classical Literature panel. SCS Annual Meeting, New Orleans, 2015. 

Panel Organizer, Truth-Value and the Value of Truth in Roman Historiography. APA Annual Meeting, Seattle, 2013.  

Various function- and event- production. 

Referee and External Review

Panelist, NEH Summer Stipend Competition, 2020. 

Outstanding Dissertation Selection Committee, Humanities and Fine Arts, UT-Austin, 2020. 

External Review, promotion to tenure: University of New Hampshire.

Referee: National Science Center (Poland), Wiley-Blackwell, Cambridge University Press, Arethusa, AthenaeumClassical JournalSyllecta Classica. 

Faculty Evaluation Board, Senate of College Councils Undergraduate Research Committee, 2014. 

Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program Committee, 2015-17.


GSC Greek and Latin Literature Oral Qualifying Exam: 2017-2020 (chair).

GSC Latin Literature Qualifying Exams, 2009-12, 2013-14 (chair), 2014-16.

GSC Latin Translation Qualifying Exams, 2011-12, 2013-14, 2017-21.

Committee Service


SCS Program Committee, 2021-23. 

SCS Communications Committee, 2015-20.

University of Texas at Austin: University-Wide

Faculty Council, 2018-20. 

A-4: Faculty Welfare Committee, 2019-20. 

C-11: Research Policy Committee, 2016-19. 

University of Texas at Austin: Departmental

GSC Graduate Reviews, 2018-9. 

GSC Subcommittee for Restructuring the Graduate Program, 2014-15.

GSC Subcommittee for Structuring the Literature Surveys, 2014-16.

Placement Officer, 2014-15, 2015-16 (chair). 

Minority Liaison Officer, 2014-16, 2018-20.

Search Committee, Archaeology of the Greek and Roman World, 2013-14.

Graduate Admissions Committee, 2010-11, 2013-15, 2015-16 (chair), 2018-9. 

Colloquium Committee, 2010-11, 2011-12 (chair). 

Assistant Instructor Supervision Committee, 2009-10.

References available by request.