Podcasting and Video

I am the co-host of a movie podcast called That Arthouse Pod, offering irreverent and uninformed look at arthouse cinema, life, and everything in between. Our first season, Calcutta Arthouse, explored the Parallel Cinema of West Bengal. Our Second Season, Tel-Aviv Arthouse, is coming soon!

 Inside Classics Podcast (funded by the Classics Everywhere Initiative) explored Classics during the first summer of the COVID-19 pandemic. We cover topics from health in antiquity, on-line teaching, shuttering down projects, and dealing with the already precarious job market.

I’ve been a guest on the Movies We Dig Podcast, ‘Episode 8: Disney’s Hercules (1997)’, ‘Episode 31: The Last Legion (2007)‘ as well on NPR-On Point with Tom Ashbrook, ‘Wild about Westeros: The Enduring Popularity of ‘Game of Thrones’. 9/1/2017.

View my TSJCL talk on How to find Classics in Westeros: