Academic Teaching

Graduate Courses 

Fragmentary Latin

Livy: Book 22 and the Third Decade

The Fragmentary Roman Historians

Horace: The Odes

Survey of Latin Literature I

Latin Prose: Electoral Texts of the Late Republic

Latin Prose: Survey of Latin Prose Genres

Survey of Roman History

Conference Course (Directed Readings): History of Latin Literature

Undergraduate Language Courses and Seminars

Exemplarity in Latin Literature (intermediate)

Battle Scenes in Roman Literature (intermediate)

Images of Augustus (intermediate)

Livy’s AUC: The Third Decade (advanced)

Intertextuality in Roman Poetry: Theory and Practice (seminar)

Introductory Latin

Introductory Greek 

Seminars in Translation

Theory and the Ancient Historian

The Conspiracy of Catiline

Games of Thrones: Ancient Epic and Modern Fantasy (first-year seminar)

Cricket: Sport, Literature, Empire (first-year seminar)

Cicero’s Political Thought (Distance learning: Liberal Arts Program, Skidmore College)

Lecture Courses

The Applied Humanities (first-year signature course)

Rome and its Civil Wars

The Ancient Historians

The Roman Republic